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 Jun 21, 2024
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Home »» Resources »» Moroccan Organizations
Groupement d'Etudes and de Recherche sur la Mediterranee
AGPE Environmental protection Association
Association Anamer Ouameln for Social and Cultural development
SHM Moroccan Scouting Hassania
SPANA Animals and Nature Protection
Illetracy and development
CECODEL Center of Cooperative Studies for Local Development
Association for Fighting Against AIDS
American Cultural Association
MATE Moroccan Association of Teachers of English
Moroccan Internet Society
AL WATAN Fondation Hassan II
CNSS The National Case of Social security
CIEDE information center on Durable Energy and the Environment
ADFM Democratic Association for Women of Morocco
AMITH Moroccan association of the Textile and clothing sectors
AIEHTP Association des Ingénieurs de l’Ecole Hassania des Travaux Publics
FMJM The Federation of the Moroccan Judaism
MCD Moroccan Church Directory
AUSIM Users Association of Information processing systems in Morocco
ADHMS Association of the Mental Challenged and Handicapped of Souss
Afouss Association
AMICA Moroccan association for the industry and the car trade
HIWAR Moroccan Christians
AFEM Association des Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises du Maroc
AMICA Moroccan association for the Industry and Automobile Trade
AFOUSS Association Afouss
SMJ Moroccan Jews
IRCAM Royal institute of the Amagighe Culture
MCD Moroccan Church Directory
FRMM Moroccan Royal federation of Motorcycle racing
Souss Alliance
MCCENTRE Moroccan Christian Centre
MCCENTRE Morocan Christian Centre
ASM Arise Shine Morocco
Moroccan Cemeteries
ASDIKA RADIO Moroccan Christians
ASMEX Moroccan Exporters Association.
MCBD Morocco California Business Development
AMSAHM Moroccan Association of support and Aid for the Mentally handicapped
AMIMET Moroccan Association of the Meteorology Engineers
ASDHOM Association of Defense of Humans right in Morocco
AMTCC Moroccan Association of Therapie Behavioral and Cognitive
ASMEX Moroccan Association Eexporters
CDIFDH Information and Training Resource Centre in Humans-Right
CCDH The Advisory Council of Humans Rights in Morocco
OMDH Moroccan organization of Human Rights
UAF Feminine Action Union
SNPMA National trade union of the Moroccan Press
Ruban Rouge, Morocco
ASSOCIATION Tiflétois new life
Unification and Reform Movement
Morocco Foundation
CMA Amazigh World Congress
Chleuhs Protail Amazigh des berberes chleuhs imazighen Protail Amazigh des berberes Souss imazighen du Maroc
Amazigh web
ECAM Eglise Catholique au Maroc : Diocese de Rabat
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