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 Jul 25, 2024
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Things I wish someone told me before I came to the U.S. By Ahmed Allali
I wish someone told me not to get off the car when stopped by a cop as a sign of respect for them. I wish someone told me not to pick up random kids in the park and kiss them on the cheeks like we do on Morocco without being considered psychos.

The Moor\'s Account By Laila Alami
In this stunning work of historical fiction, Laila Lalami brings us the imagined memoirs of the first black explorer of America—a Moroccan slave whose testimony was left out of the official record.

American Woman sings in Amazigh By Ahmed Allali
Jennifer, an American woman, sings in Amazigh. Thanks Ahmed for sharing this video with us. Enjoy.

The Muslims Are Coming By Wafin
Check out the very funny, award winning comedy documentary \"The Muslims Are Coming!\" featuring The Daily Show\'s Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow, Russell Simmons, Lewis Black, plus other celebs together with hilarious Muslim comedians countering Islamaphobia with laughter. USA Today called the film: \"Thoughtful and funny.\" The Chicago Tribune said the film, \"packs a funny but trenchant punch.\" Seattle\'s The Stranger called it: \"Funny as poop...makes its point with charm.\"

Interesting Moroccan Commercial By Wafin
An interesting commercial sent to us by a wafin member. Not sure if this was actually diffused on Moroccan TV

Moroccan American Dream By IHope Productions
A documentary that discusses the Moroccan American dream. The film makers follow interview the Moroccan diaspora about their experience in America, including a pizza delivery man, a Kaftan maker, and a restaurant manager.

Forgotten Moroccan Heroes. By Luc Ferier
In the context of the next centenary of the first world war, our non-governmental independent Belgian Foundation \" forgotten Heroes 14-19\" are responsible for the establishment of an international exhibition, under the academic supervision of Dr. Eugene Rogan, which aims to pay tribute to the originating soldiers of North Africa .

Help Imane By Tarik
Imane is a young Moroccan girl who is in need of our support and prayers! I received a call from a friend a couple of weeks ago who informed me about her situation; Imane was in coma for 6 months after a tragic car accident! it happened around a time in which we lost a very close friend to most of us down here( Reda allah yrahmo) and her accident was kind of overshadowed by his death may his soul rest in peace. Doctors told us that she has come a long way and she is really fighting to get on her feet again. Like many others, Imane came in pursuit of a better life, continuing education.. Yet God had other plans for her. Shortly after relocating from Orlando to Boca Raton, Imane was involved in a car accident which no one anticipated she would survive.

Spaniards immigrating to Morocco By Karis Hustad,
These must be signs of the Times. In the last few years immigrant numbers from Spain to Morocco has quadrupled. Fueled by high unemployment numbers in Spain and the economic crisis, our Spanish neighbors are finding work south of the border. Read this interesting article in the Christian Science monitor and let us know what you think of this.

Gangnam style Al akhayan style By The Wafin Team
A member sent us this video. It\'s a parody of the gangnam style music video featuring students of Alakhawayn university in Ifrane. We thought we would share it with you. Enjoy

Faiza has a bold plan to stop pollution forever in Morocco’s Plastic Bag Village. By The Wafin Team
Faiza Hajji, a previous Moroccan of the month on has embarked on an exciting project that could benefit from your help. Please watch the video and help spread the word about this noble endeavor. You can help by funding the project at:

Headset not compatible with plug on Royal Air Maroc Aircraft By The Wafin Team
We received this video from one of our members at The video speaks for itself. We do receive plenty of e-mails complaining about Royal Air Maroc service, but this one is a little unique in that the person actually took a video of the problem. So maybe this should be the start of a new channel on Send us your videos showing issues with R.A.M, so maybe they will listen to us some day.

Jamel Debbouze in the U.S. By Live Nation
Jamel was born on June 18th 1975 in Paris, the oldest of 5 brothers & sisters. As a youth he participated in several improv contests such as the World Amateur Improvisation Championship in Quebec. In 1997, at only 17 years old, he got his first role in the cinema. This marked the beginning of a long series of movies such as Amélie, a film by Jean Pierre Jeunet, and Asterix & Obelix Meet Cleopatra, for which he was nominated for a César Award for best actor in a supporting role

Moroccan Talent show By RSLou Management
Washington DC April 2, 2013- RSLOU Management is proud to host and present the first annual Moroccan Talent Expo 2013, showcasing rising Moroccan and Moroccan-American talents. The event will be hosted on May 10, 2013 at the Waterford at Fair Oaks, 12025 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, Fairfax, VA, 22033, from 7:00 p.m. until midnight.

Morocco: Military Court Hands Down Sentences for Gdim Izik Deaths By Jamal Laoudi
Morocco has been battling full legal international recognition of its southern territories known as Western Sahara for almost three decades. On 9 October 2010, separatists elements erected Gdeim Izik camp, few miles outside the main city Laayoun, as a form of protest against the Moroccan government. On November 8th of the same year, Moroccan security forces interviened to dismantle the camp. By the time it was all over, 11 members of the security forces were killed, and about 70 people were injured according to Moroccan

Mayor of Stamford declares June 23 Saida Fikri day By The Wafin Team
The crowd burst into a roar, when, In an unprecedented move, Mayor Michael Pavia, of the city of Stamford CT, declared June 23rd Saida Fikri day in Stamford. This momentous event took place during a day of festivities at the Mill river park celebrating Morocco and its culture.The mayor announced the declaration right before Saida Fikri stepped onto the stage and performed many of her popular songs. The attendees came near and far to see their Moroccan folk star as well as to mingle and

Beautiful Morocco Festival By The Wafin Team
A Cultural Festival Celebrating the Beauty of Morocco & Multi-Cultural Unity Concert Mill River Park at Archstone 1020 Washington Blvd. Stamford, CT June 23rd, 2012

Appeal to Moroccan Expatriates By Jamal Laoudi
The name Batma is synonymous with the legendary North African music band Nass ElGhiwane. It has been nicknamed the Rolling Stones of North Africa in a French documentary Producers by Michel Chanderli and Souheil BenBarka.

Should the Niqab be forbidden? By The Wafin Team
An interesting discussion on CNN between two women. One who claims that wearing the Niqab is her personal choice and should not be legislated, and the other who believes that it\'s a means of oppression. Former Governor Spitzer moderates the debate.

Paint the town Moroccan By Member
Lecture: On Friday, May 4, 4 pm, as part of First Friday and the Paint the Town Moroccan event, the Museum is hosting a lecture, Morocco: America’s Oldest Friend , by Former US Ambassador to Morocco, Ed Gabriel. Gabriel will share some little known history between the US and Morocco, including Morocco being the first to recognize the USA as a country. Learn fascinating facts about Morocco’s role

Moroccan-American Women’s Call for Justice: Amina Filali’s Case By Serhani, Hanafi et al.
An online petition calling for a change to the law has garnered about 3,500 signatures and protests are held across the country to condemn this blatant violation of human rights. Today, the Moroccan-American Legal Empowerment Network (AMLEN)[1] and other Moroccan-American community activists join our voices to women in Morocco through this outcry to bring to justice all those who condemned Amina to her death at 16 years of age.

Moroccans in the United States Condemn the Alleged attack on US capitol By Morocco World News
Moroccans living in the United States have strongly reacted to the news of the arrest of the Moroccan suspected of plotting an attack on the US Capitol. Immediately after they heard of what they described as “sad news” for Moroccans and the image of their country, they emphasized that this incident should not be exploited to tarnish the reputation of law-abiding Moroccan Americans

Washington Moroccan American Club Holds Planning Meeting for March 2010 20-20 Events By Norman L. Greene.
On Sunday, January 10, 2010, the Washington Moroccan American Club held a well-attended meeting of the leadership for its “2020” project proposing 20 carefully selected events in March 2010 to

Hijab in America: an experiment By The Wafin Team
Video snapshot from a camera experiment showing how people respond when a woman wearing the Hijab is refused service at a bakery in Texas.

Repudiate Calls to Stop Advertising on the show: All-American Muslim By The Wafin Team
Hi, When TLC first announced the launching of the All-American Muslim reality show in July of this year, it quickly landed on the radar of the fringe anti-Islam Islamophobia industry here in the United States. These are the same people who successfully attacked Whole Foods and

Texas gun store refuses to teach muslims and arabs how to use guns By The Wafin Team
A Texas man who owns a gun store declares in a radio ad that everyone is welcome to take his gun classes except Obama supporters, Arabs and Muslims. Watch the video.

Stati Opens up in America By Jamal Laoudi
Moroccan Chaabi (Popular) Music is one of the most popular music genres in Morocco. It is as deeply rooted in the Moroccan culture as rock ‘n Roll is in its American counterpart. It is very easy to appreciate what Chaabi music is to Moroccans once one realizes that they used it as a weapon in fighting French colonization of Morocco in the early half

Committee Approves Bill to Eliminate Visa Lottery By The Wafin Team
Washington, DC – The House Judiciary Committee today approved the Security and Fairness Enhancement (SAFE) for America Act (H.R. 704), a bill that eliminates the diversity visa program. This program is plagued by fraud and is an open door for terrorists. The bill, sponsored by Intellectual Property Subcommittee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), was reported favorably to the House floor by a vote of 19-11. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) and Chairman Bob Goodlatte today praised the Committee vote.

An interview with Mr Driss Elyazami By Jamal Laoudi
Mr. Jamal Laoudi, from the Moroccan American Youth for Democracy, conducted an interview with Mr. Driss Elyazami, CCME president.

A Perspective on How to Read the Proposed Changes to Morocco’s Constitution By Amine Chigani
In light of the so-called “Arab Spring,” the world has witnessed the toppling of two repressive regimes in Tunisia and Egypt and revolutions spreading throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) threatening the economic, social, and political stability of the entire region. Morocco is consequently experiencing, in its own way, a similar awakening for a better and a more democratic country. In view of these developments, Moroccans find themselves today at a crossroad manifested in a proposed “new” constitution touted as a “defining historical transformation in the path of building a state of law and democratic institutions.”

Full Text of the Royal Speech By MAP
My loyal subjects, I am addressing you today to renew our joint commitment through a new Constitution, which represents a watershed event in the process of completing the construction of a State based on the rule of law and on democratic institutions, and to firmly establish the principles and mechanisms of good governance, provide for dignified citizenship and ensure social justice.

Moroccan Zoo. A national shame By Yassine El Idrissi
The site of the Moroccan Zoo in temara was sold to a real estate developer. Where did the animals go? Watch this shocking mini documentary.

Delusions of a Moroccan American By Ahmed Dmini
I admit that I am running out of ideas, that I am becoming delusional and that I am becoming more forgetful. Is it old-timers decease? Is it complacency, lack of mental exercise, carelessness, indifference or mental fatigue?

A video of Argana a few seconds after the attack By The Wafin Team
A Wafiner sent us a video depicting the few minutes right after the blast that took place at the Argana Restaurant and Cafe in Marrakech. Please note that the video is quite graphic.

Marrakech Under Attack By The Wafin Team
A bomb attack in the main square of the Moroccan city of Marrakesh has killed 15 people, at least 10 of them foreigners, officials say. The blast wrecked the Argana cafe in Djemaa el-Fna square, a popular tourist spot. At least 20 people were injured.

Pictures of the Moroccan Festival at UCONN By The Wafin Team
If you missed the Moroccan Festival at UCONN on April the 16th, here are a few pictures of the event. The Festival was organized by the Moroccan singer Saida Fikri. Among the event attendees were the Mayor of the city of Stamford and the Moroccan consul in New York. The Pictures can be viewed here:

Morocco on the Road By The Wafin Team
The Washington Moroccan Club is organizing a historical event called "Morocco on the Road" whereby a caravan will travel around 3 continents to showcase the diversity of the Moroccan culture. Along the ways, several events, social and cultural will be sponsored by the caravan. We urge Moroccan Americans to help the caravan anyway they can. To view the itinerary of the caravan go to

Moroccan Americans need to get together to stop Congressman King in his tracks By The Wafin Team.
The man who said that 80% of Mosques in America are controlled by radical Muslims is conducting a hearing about the radicalization of Muslim Americans. In the post 9/11 atmosphere of Islamophibia in America, the congressman from long island is singling out once again the Muslim community as the source of all evil for America.

Death of Moroccan of the Month Amine Britel By The Wafin Team
We are saddened to learn of the death of our Moroccan of the Month Amine Britel last Monday night. Amine was struck by car driven by a 22 year year old suspected of drunk driving. Amine, the athlete that he has always been was riding his bicycle, and was pronounced dead by paramedics on the scene. Please join us in extendig our deepest sympathies to Amine's family. Ina Lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioun. The Wafin Team

Demonstrations in Morocco By The Wafin Team
This is a 2M account of the demonstrations that took place in Morocco on the 20th of February. Given the larger context in the Arab world, people were divided on how the demonstrations should unfold as well as the timing. Obviously State TV will not show the whole image, but take a look at this video and consider it as a platform to discuss the demonstrations. Feel free to send us more videos if you like.

One Man’s Dream is another Man’s Nightmare By Hesham El Abd
I, too, had a dream – the one shared by the 380 million people who make up the Arab world. But while we’re on the verge of fulfilling our dreams, others, mainly in the West, are having nightmares. The people of the Arab world have long been denied human rights and economic empowerment at the hands of authoritarian regimes backed by colonialist powers, then superpowers –

There\’s Nothing Wrong with Some Real Islam in Policy By Hesham El Abd
Western Islamophobia, nurtured by repressive Arab regimes as well as Israel, is alive and well. Islamophobic talking heads are once again all over the news, casting Islam in a negative light, fueling America’s greatest fear that the Muslim Brotherhood will surely prevail in any free and fair elections held in an Arab country. The West seems to want Arabs to have democracy, but on its own terms. How else to serve its own economic and geopolitical needs? Repeated calls for free and fair elections in places like Lebanon, Algeria and Palestine were disavowed by American when Islamic parties made major gains.

Democracy, Egyptian style By Hesham El Abd
Never in recorded history, dating way back to the Pharaohs, has Egypt had what many in the west would call democracy. But democracy, like Baskin Robbins, comes in 31 flavors. And it’s up to the Egyptian people to find the flavor that works for them, without outside interference. Many here fear America is trying to recast Egypt in its own image.

Western Inaction is Leading Egypt to the Brink of Total Revolt By Hesham El Abd
The West’s strong endorsement General Omar Suleiman, the long-time head of Egyptian intelligence, could prove to be a blunder of epic proportions. And the backing he enjoys from Israel can only make things worse. He steadfastly refuses to lift the 30-year emergency law, making any meaningful democratic reforms, let alone elections, impossible. His statement that Egypt is not ready yet for democracy is an outright insult to all citizens.

A Dictator Who will be Your Ally … For Just $4,566,210 a Day By Hesham El Abd
While many figures are being reported, Swiss bank secrecy prevents us from getting the full picture of the Mubarak family’s private wealth. (Where is Wikileaks when you really need them?). Reports vary in a wide range of between $27 billion on the low side and $70-plus billion on the high side. What we do know is that during the repressive reign of Mubarak, American administrators, Republicans and Democrats alike, have given Egypt $50 billion, or $4,566,210 a day for the allegiance of its dictator.

Cairo isn’t Vegas – What Happens in Cairo doesn’t Stay in Cairo By Abu Shanta
He who has not seen Cairo has not seen the world, for she is “om donya,” the mother of the universe. It’s never too early to discuss how any event, no matter how seemingly insignificant, will effect an American Presidential election – like Park 51, the mosque/community center at Ground Zero. Egypt is, after all, the cradle of civilization, despite its current uncivilized appearance.

Government-Sponsored Anarchy By Abu Shanta
While the Arab world is notorious for conspiracy theories that would put the “grassy knoll” to shame, evidence here in Cairo more than suggests that the government of Egypt, at the highest levels, is guilty of inciting violence in an effort to push the country into anarchy. As illogical as this may sound, history is full of illogical actions by illogical leaders, from Cambodia to Rwanda. But trying to understand Middle Eastern logic is a no-win proposition. And if the leader in question suffers from a Pharoanic complex, it’s all the more impossible.

Abuse of power in the American Consulate in Casablanca By Michelle Foutouhi
My husband and I met on skype per email I have, spring of 2006. We did talk off and on in 2005, but no documentation. I have always been interested in the Maghrib, so we had lots to talk about. Eventually we discovered we had the same value system and

Floods in the homeland By The Wafin Team
Casablanca and Other cities in Morocco have experienced severe floods today with many households left without power. The floods have also caused mass accidents. Here is a video we received from a Wafiner

Soraya and Massoud the Sheep By Jamal Laoudi
It is 11 am on Sunday morning. Ali has just got back from the market where he has bought the Eid sheep for the family. He goes into the kitchen and asks Sara his wife who is cooking lunch: “Come take a look at the sheep for this year. I just settled it in the garage”

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