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 Jul 25, 2024
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April, 16th 2011, Moroccans and Americans gathered to celebrate Moroccan culure in UCONN. The festival attendees included the mayor of the city of Stamford. The Moroccan festival featured Moroccan food, Moroccan handicrafts, a fashion show, and musical performances by Saida Fikri and other Moroccan singers.

April, 29th 2010, The washington Moroccan club, headed by Mr. Hassan Samghouni, concluded its 20th event in the month of March with an extravagant gala that celebrated the club's 20 years of service to the Moroccan American community.

June, 23rd 2007, the Moroccan community got together to participate in the International Immigration parade. Marching up 6th avenue in New York, with a cacophony of bendir sounds, gnawa music and "zgharet", the Moroccans put on quite a show.

Mr. Abdelhay Moudden, member of the planning commitee of the High Council for Moroccans Abroad, met with the Moroccan community in New York to get their feedback about how the council should be set up. Mr. Abderrahim Beyyoudh, the counsul general, moderated the debate.

Daoudi's Washington Concert Popular Moroccan Chaabi singer Daoudi delivered a great performance for the Moroccan community in DC part of his concert tour in the U.S. Other performances took place in New York City Boston.

Hosting the Mayor of Washington, DC Part of Washington Moroccan Club's series of meetings with local and national political figures in the nation's capital; a reception for newly elected Mayor of Washington and a friend of Morocco, Adrian Fenty was held. Moroccan American leaders along with Moroccan Ambassador, Mr. Mekouar, welcomed the mayor.

Morocco Foundation San Fransisco Fundraising Event The Morocco Foundation (MF) in collaboration with The Association of Moroccan Professionals in America (AMPA) held a charity gala on Saturday November 4, 2006 to raise funds for the School Without Borders (SWB) project. More than 150 guests attended the gala.

Orlando Gala. Following the Soccer game rganized by the Moroccan American Chamber of Commerce, the Moroccan American Socio-Cultural Center and the Orlando Atlas Lions, a gala took place to recognize the players, and celbrate the Eid al Ahda day. The night of festivities included a showcase of Moroccan traditional kaftans.

Orlando Soccer Tournament To celebrate Eid Al Adha, a soccer tournament was organized by The Moroccan American Chamber of Commerce, the Moroccan American Socio-Cultural Center and the Orlando Atlas Lions. The tournament was followed by a gala. Among the attendees was Mr. Abderrahim Beyyoudh, Consul General of Morocco in the U.S.

Ammagui's farewell party The Moroccan community in Washington Dc organized a farewell party for Mr. Mohammed Salem Ammagui, who had served the Moroccan community very well as manager of the North American office of Royal Air Maroc. Mr. Ammagui will be remembered for his dedication, hard work and outreach to the community.

Morocco-U.S Soccer Game The U.S.A-Morocco fiendly soccer game that took place in Nashville Tennessee attracted a large number of Moroccans all over America. People drove, flew, and took the bus from different corners of the county to support their team. Morocco won the game.

Sallam Chahdi Art Exposition. Moroccan Artist Sallam Chahdi participated in a collective art exposition organized by ´┐ŻOctober gallery´┐Ż in Philadelphia during the month of February, part of the African American History month, last Friday, before an audience with a large Moroccan American contingent.

Driss Temsamani Book Signing Part of a campaign to launch his new book "Rewind", Driss Temsamani attended a book signing in Washington DC hosting by the Washington Moroccan Club. Visit for more details about Driss' book.

Benzekri's visit to the U.S. Morocco Equity and Reconciliation Commission's Chairman Benzekri held a conference with the Washington Moroccan Community in January 2006. the IER is in charge of bringing a global regulation to the question of the violations of Human Rights committed in Morocco.

Moroccan Soccer Tournament 05 The Wydad Athletic Club Championship Game was organized by the Washington Moroccan Club. Our Moroccan players once again demonstrated their soccer acumen and skills which delighted the spectators. Moroccan style festivities followed this event in Washington DC.

Moroccan students at U.S. State Department The PLUS program is designed to reach a broader sector of college-age youth from diverse backgrounds in the Middle East and North Africa and provide them with a greater understanding of U.S. institutions, society and culture.

Throne Day 2005. As in previous years, the Moroccan community in DC celebrated this national holiday in an atmosphere of festivities, Moroccan food, and music. Among the speakers was His Excellency Aziz Mekouar, Ambassador of Morocco the U.S.

Soccer Tournament in DC. The Washington Moroccan Club organized a soccer tournament where Moroccan soccer talents got to showcase their game. The winners were awarded trophies and celebrations followed Moroccan style as usual.

Community Iftar. The Moroccan community in Washington DC got together to break the Ramadan fast in a family environment that reminded everyone of Morocco. Beside the culinary delicacies there was plenty of music and entertainment.

Washington-Orlando. A delegation from the Washington Moroccan community visited the Orlando Moroccan American Chamber of commerce to coordinate a series of activities between the Moroccan Communities in the Washington area and the Moroccan communities in South and Central Florida.

Azzam farewell Party. After 22 years of service as the head of the America noffice of MAP, the Moroccan community in Washington DC and Virginia threw Mr. Azzam a farewell party he will remember for a long time to come.

Moroccan War Prisoners. Reception Following Hearings at US Congress for Moroccan Former War Prisoners in Tindouf. Members of Congress as well as members of the Moroccan community in DC attended the hearing and the reception that followed.

Haj Younes award. Morocccan Icon Haj Youness performed at the Smithsonian in Washington DC where he was presented with an award for his artistic contribution and dedication to the musical heritage of Morocco.

2003 Moroccan Parade in New York. September 14th, 2003. 2.30 PM on Madison Avenue, one would never hear the sounds of darbouka and ghaita on a normal day. Not this day. A small, but vibrant group of Moroccans,

Wafin Dance Party. September 2004, The Wafin team organized a dance party on the Frying Pan, a boat that listed among New York's historical properties. The party was a huge success with over 350 people in attendance .

2004 Moroccan Parade in New York. Just like the previous year. Moroccans made an impressive showing in the International parade in New York. People showed up in Jellabas, Kaftans. It was a memorable sight.

McLean Moroccan Festival 2005. The Moroccan community from the DC, Maryland, Virginia area celbrated a Moroccan Festival in Mclean with Pinhas animating the crowd. The festival ended with a true Moroccan wedding.

Pinhas in DC. Moroccan Folk Singer Pinhas mesmerized the crowd with his songs in one of the local venues in Washinton DC. The crowd included the usual suspects from the Washington Moroccan club and friends of Morocco.

Morocco's Throne Day, 2004 As usual, this national holiday was celbrated with the attendance of the Moroccan community as well as the diplomatic community in DC who came to congratulate his Excellency, Ambassador Mekouar.

Morocco's Throne Day, 2003. The Moroccan commmunity in Washington DC and neighboring areas celebrated this Moroccan national holiday with his excellency, ambassador Aziz Mekouar and other dignitaries.

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