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 Jun 21, 2024
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Hakim belabbes  [ December, 2004 ]
Hakim belabbes

I was born on Feb. 20th 1961, in Bejjaad -a small town in central Morocco- where my father owned the only movie theater in town.  I also received my primary and secondary education in Bejjaad.  


After a Bachelor of Arts in American and African Literature from Mohamed V University in Rabat, Morocco (1983), and a Diplôme des Etudes Approfondies in African Literature at Lyon University, France (1986), I traveled to the United States where I received a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Video from Columbia College in Chicago (1993).


Between 1994 and 1996 I headed the Audio Visual Dept. at Hassan II Foundation in Rabat, Morocco, where I produced/directed a series of documentaries on the Moroccan immigrants’ experience in Europe. My work was co-produced with TF1, RTBF, 2M and RTM Television networks.


For the past few years I have been working as a freelance director of TV ads and as a part time instructor of film at Columbia College in Chicago.


Some of my works include:


• Threads, 2003

a first feature film (Venise, Montreal, Chicago, Carthage, Alexandria, Bangkok international film festivals)

• Tell the Water, 2002,

a piece on a flash flood in a small town in

• R’maa, 2001

a documentary about a group of Moroccan farmer musicians who consider themselves their tribe’s reporters.

• Three Angels, No Wings, 2001

a day in the life of three kids with disabilities in a small Moroccan town. 

A Witness, 2001

a moment in the day of an old homeless woman with Parkinson’s Disease in Morocco.

Whispers, 2000

a short narrative/experimental piece.

Still Ready, 1997

a documentary film on three women of the Moroccan resistance against the French Colonisation.

A Shepherd and a Rifle, 1998

a documentary about Moroccan resistance fighter Ahmed El-Hansali

Voices from the Arab World, 1997

a series of documentaries on five children from five different Arab countries

Nest in the Heat, 1993/2001

a personal diary documentary.

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