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 Jun 2, 2023
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Cairo isnt Vegas What Happens in Cairo doesnt Stay in Cairo

By Abu Shanta

He who has not seen Cairo has not seen the world, for she is om donya, the mother of the universe.

Its never too early to discuss how any event, no matter how seemingly insignificant, will effect an American Presidential election like Park 51, the mosque/community center at Ground Zero. Egypt is, after all, the cradle of civilization, despite its current uncivilized appearance. But then again, democracy can be messy, a contact sport. Most thinking politicians, including those few rare American ones who dont need to invade a country to learn where it is, know that Cairo isnt Las Vegas. What happens in Cairo doesnt stay in Cairo.

With less than two years to the next US presidential election, its not too early to start analyzing Cairos Facebook Revolution but it may be too late. I agree with Clinton (the other Clinton) that its always about the economy when it comes to American politics. This is something the shebab, the Egyptian youth, seem to have figured out.

What happens here will indeed affect the global economy over the next decade in ways that make multinational companies salivate. So, American politicians better pay attention. They wont be able to wait until after the 2012 election to begin currying favor with the new breed of Arab youth, the ones that will make up the middle class that this time around will be allowed to emerge. Otherwise, those  in whose interest it is to detract might want to remind them that the tear gas, the rubber bullets and M1A1 tanks that for the past three decades were the arsenals used to suppress their hopes, dreams and freedom were a gift of the American people.

America cant afford to alienate the next generation, not only of Egypt but of the entire Arab world. They will be courted by the emerging economic superpowers, like China and Brazil and Russia, as well as the EU. Maybe if the US plays its cards right, it can get it right the first time in this re-do.

Israel always plays a part and never misses an opportunity to tell America its the only democracy in the Middle East, thus the only ally to be trusted. American politicians, even if theyre only running for dog catcher, must embrace the 51st state to win. One need only witness the parade of Republican candidates for 2012 visiting Israel now. Cairo, the City Victorious, should be added to the list of must-visit venues. Rest assured, weve got plenty of hotel rooms available at the Four Seasons, but maybe not for long.    

Alas, the Cairo story has all the danger and intrigue of a classic Hollywood epic. But the heroics lack a hero. The youth of Tahrir, or Liberation, Square are the new casting directors. Baradei and Moussa are auditioning for the role. Soon theyll be holding auditions for economic partners. American politicians might start rehearsing their lines, with sincerity

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ahmed in la : I was confronted with this MASR OUM A DDINIA, YA HMAD, by Coptic Egyptian friends who I visited with occasionally. They did not stop until I replied one day: WEL MAGHRIB ABOUHA!
They never uttered that again. Why not?; the oldest tools found in the world were found in Morocco and the oldest multi-cellular organisms, dating back to two billion years,
were found in West Africa, possibly Morocco.
Enough of this nationalism. Now lets assume that the Arab or Muslim youth, separately or jointly, take power in the Arab/Muslim world and disrupt the status-quo of being sub- serviant to the west, including halting oil flow to America. Americans will cease to be a superpower and they will become a second world country trying to salvage whatever is left to avoid famine and starvation of their people. Israel will lose its blood-filled host and will fall off the near-carcass to pray on another schmuck-nation.
People will revert back to TMISKIN OU BNI TKELBIN to survive again, among skeptics.
They are, although, masters of TKELBIN, for centuries that they will survive and thrive over and over again on the backs of schmuck-nations and people.
I cannot wait to see the status quo chattered for the sake of humanity, justice and righteousness.

Hate hater.
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