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 Feb 25, 2018
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Soraya and Massoud the Sheep By Jamal Laoudi
It is 11 am on Sunday morning. Ali has just got back from the market where he has bought the Eid sheep for the family. He goes into the kitchen and asks Sara his wife who is cooking lunch: “Come take a look at the sheep for this year. I just settled it in the garage”

What do you make of this? By The Wafin Team
One of our members sent us this video that made our blood boil. We can't verify whether this has been edited out or left any facts out, but you are free to watch and make up your own mind.

Release Mustapha By Hassan
We received this video about the continuting efforts being expanded for the immediate release of Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud, the outspoken Sahrawi police chief arrested by the Polisario Front as he tried to rejoin his wife and children in Algeria’s Tindouf refugee camps.

Park 51 Project: A bird's eye view By The Wafin Team
With all the hysteria that has surrounded the Park 51 project, or as it has to become to be known, "the ground zero" mosque, Keith Olbermann in this video gives us a nice perspective on things that people have forgotten.

My loyalty Veers Solely Towards My Flag! By Abdelaziz Jrida
After watching the world cup finals in which Spain snatched a victory over Netherlands and in which Algeria was the only Arab nation representing North Africa and the whole Arab world, I realized the goodness and the kindness of the Moroccan people. I realized the love that the Moroccan people bestow upon their close yet distant

Are Moroccans Racist? By Otmane Elyounssi Jebli.
Are SOME of us racist, specifically towards (Black-Africans); this question comes up quite often in conversations with my fellow Moroccans. I don't like this ethnicity description; but this is the only one I could think of right now. I mean well and I apologize if I am offending anyone.

AVActions: Morocco’s Rare Window to its Community in America By Jamal Laoudi
According to the US Census Bureau, the rate of individuals living in the States and who claim Moroccan ancestry has increased by 103.9% between 1990 and 2000, from 19.089 to 38.923 individuals. For year 2010, some estimates put the total number of members of the Moroccan-American community at about 200.000.

Ramadan Kareem By The Wafin Team
The Wafin Team would like to wish you a happy Ramadan, which is set to begin in the U.S and Europe on August 11th. Use the following link to find your local Iftar Times:

Church plans Quran-burning event By Lauren Russell, CNN
(CNN) -- In protest of what it calls a religion "of the devil," a nondenominational church in Gainesville, Florida, plans to host an "International Burn a Quran Day" on the ninth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Unwelcome Neighbor: The debate on building an Islamic Center Near Ground Zero. By The Wafin Team
If you have been following the debate on building an Islamic Center near Ground Zero in New York City, we would like to know what you think about his. Here is a video that we found about the topic that we thought everyone should see.

Calling on Moroccan American Youth : How do you live your dual identity? By Nadia Serhani
The Council of Moroccans Living Abroad/Conseil de la Communaute Marocaine a l'Etranger (CCME) will be holding a conference in Morocco to address the question of Moroccan Youths Abroad, on July 28-29, 2010.

RAM Soaring Ticket Prices By AVA
Moroccan Americans have scaled back on traveling to Morocco due to high flight prices as explored in this video.

Are you happy? By The Wafin Team
Nobel laureate and founder of behavioral economics Daniel Kahneman performed a TED Talk this year about how as humans our “experiencing selves” and our “remembering selves” perceive happiness differently. Basically, he says that our memories of experiences differ from what really happened during the experience itself. Wach this very informative video and let us know what you think.

Mimoun and the Mormon Missionaries By Jamal Laoudi
It is 5:30 pm. Mimoun is walking home from the parking garage, laptop case on his shoulder, hands in his pockets, head down, taking slow steady steps, contemplating and pondering. While driving back from work,

You are more Moroccan American than American Moroccan if: By The Wafin Team
10- When you drop bread, you kiss it before you return it to the table. 9- On your table, instead of having salt and pepper, you have salt and cumin. 8- You catch yourself negotiating the price with the cashier at Walmart 7- You still refer to “Europe” as “el kharij”

Educating Moroccan prostitutes By The Wafin Team
We received this short video from a wafiner that wanted us to post it and open up the topic of prostitution in Morocco. This is a topic that was discussed on this platform and in the forum before. The video brings a different approach to the issue, that of educating prostitutes about Sexually transmitted diseases. Let us know what you think. And please keep it clean.

A window on America. By Dr. Majid Sabour
“A” was a friend of mine in Morocco, “L”, whom I never met, was his niece. She was coming to America so “A” asked me to pick her up from JFK and help her get to her cousin in Ohio. “K” was oueld adderb. “H”, whom I never met, was his colleague.

Morocco Says No to Film Featuring the Prophet Mohammed By Hadi Ameri
The Iranian famous director Majeed Majeedy was given a stark rebuff from Morocco when he suggested that he might chose this country to shoot his new film. A Spanish news website had announced that Majeedy was planning to make a new film about the early days of Islam, the first ever in which the Prophet Mohammad would be represented.

Fixes to the banning of magic Jack in Morocco By The Wafin Team
As many of you know, Magic Jack was blocked in Morocco by Maroc Telecom. We have received a fix to this by one of our members (Thanks Youssef)and we would like to share it with you. Please let us know if this worked for you, and if you have another or a better fix.

U.S. Census Bureau Offers Language Assistance Services To Help Arab Americans Complete the 2010 Census Form By The census Bureau
The Census Bureau has launched the 2010 Census Language Assistance Program to help residents in the Arab-American community complete their English-language census form. Building on the success of the Census 2000 Language Assistance Program

The Rhythm of the Sufi Saints: “My Name is Khan” Transcends Bollywood’s Musical Borders  By Ipswitch
A film drama that retools the mindset of Bollywood needs music that gleams like a fine-edged sword. The soundtrack of “My Name is Khan”—the genre-busting Bollywood drama phenomenon that follows an idiosyncratic hero, an Indian Muslim husband and father, on a transcontinental journey through the fog of America, post-9/11—

What is ailing with the Moroccan society? By Majid Sabour, MD
Dear Wafiners, Rightfully so, I am reading a lot about my fellow Moroccan's disenchantment with Royal Air Maroc (RAM) customer service and RAM service in general. What I want to say here is that the disregard of RAM towards its customers is a symptom of a morbid Moroccan society as a whole.

Cheb Yazid: a Raiman with a Cause and a Mission By Jamal Laoudi
There are many popular Rai songs that even a novice Rai enthusiast would more likely be familiar with. These songs include Cheb Khaled’s “Didi”, and Cheb Hasni’s “Tal Ghiyabek”. Then you have these songs that are easily recognizable but naming the artist may not be quite as easy of a task. The track

And the story continuous By Wafiner
Well, where should I start? First, Thanks a lot for the active discussion that you had about this subject and to all of you who gave advices. They were taken seriously; especially the ones from Ahmed in LA. So the man now is safely stable in Mexico!!! (Just kidding!).

So what if Aminatu returned?” By Latif Adnane
The great Arab novelist and intellectual Abdurrahman Munif once said that the natural resources of oil and natural gas are nothing but a curse on the Arabs. The international community has long experienced the nature of this curse in the forms of international terrorism, and exhausting heated conflicts and non-stoppable wars in the Arab regions. As for the Arab community, if we share in general this curse in the form of handicapped and incapable governments, then we the Moroccans take in particular the part of it that touches directly our

Interview with the CEO of Remax Morocco By The Wafin Team
In light of the recent partnership between Wafin and Remax Morocco created to help the Moroccan American community buy property in Morocco, we invited the CEO of Remax Morocco, Mr. Soufiane Elaamili, to answer a few question about Real Estate in Morocco.

The Swiss ban Minarets By The Wafin Team
Swiss voters have supported a ban on Minarets in Switzerland. The vote has caused an outrage among the Muslim community in Switzerland and all over the world. It is being likened to the crusade against the veil in France.

The United Nations Development program Prize won by a Moroccan By The Wafin Team.
Faiza Hajji won the photography contest when she pictured her efforts to turn waste plastic bags into woven hand bags. Watch the CNN coverage here. Support Faiza's efforts through

Eid Mubarak By The Wafin Team
Enjoy your Eid Celebrations this Friday. From your friends at

Algeria Egypt Soccer Showdown in Astoria: Exclusive Videos By The Wafin Team
Steinway avenue, located in Astoria, Queens, in the big apple is home to every Arab nationality one can think of. Lebanese hookah smokers share mint tea with Moroccans, Algerians mingle with Syrians, Yemenis do business with Iraqis. Not today. The avenue is split right in the middle. Algerians, Moroccans and Tunisians on one side, Egyptians and the rest on the other. Tension is high. The police are nearby, watching, ready for the worst.

First victim of Swine Flu Virus in Morocco By The Wafin Team.
The Moroccan ministry of health announced today, the 17th of November 2009 that the first death caused by the H1N1 virus, otherwise known as the swine virus, took place today in Oujda last Friday. The victim was a 23 year old man who was admitted to the emergency room in "Hospital Farabi"

Morocco ranks 87 in an index of Happiness By The Wafin Team.
Quality-of-life in nations is measured using an index of ‘Happy Life Years’, developed at Erasmus University Rotterdam in The Netherlands. This index combines average appreciation of life with average length of life. Costa Rica is on top with 66,7 and Zimbabwe at the bottom with only 12,5 happy life years. The USA rank in the sub-top with an average of 58 years lived happily.

Egypt Vs. Algeria. when Soccer gets ugly By The Wafin Team
whether you are a soccer fan or not, you must have heard of the attacks against Algerian soccer players by Egyptian fans. The following is one of the videos sent to us by a wafiner. Let us know what you think.

How to prove one's innocence By Wafiner
How many times you were faced with a crime that you never committed? You have a great career, you are educated, you are socially involved in helping others, you’re financially stable and you are young and would like to start a family. You look, with the help of your family since you are conservative, for a nice girl that you marry quickly because she was pressuring you. You have your honey moon in Morocco. You travel with your newly wed in the south, north and the middle of Morocco.

Moroccan American composer wins the "Peoples Grammy Award" for Best World Music Song of 2009 By The Wafin Team
The 2009 Peoples Grammy Awards are officially over. Tarik Banzi, Moroccan American Oud player, composer and founder of the Al-Andalus Ensemble ( with his wife, guitar player Julia Banzi, took home the award for the Best World Music Song of 2009.

Air France to start Charging for Second Piece of Luggage By The Wafin Team
Effective with tickets issued November 1, 2009, Air France will introduce a revised baggage policy for customers traveling in Economy Class between the US and Europe including Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia (see complete list below*). Passengers will be able to check one bag,

The High Council of Moroccan American Medical and Biology Doctors (HC-MAMBD) Met His Excellency Mohamed Ameur, Minister in Charge of Moroccans Living Abroad By Abdelmajid Kassem
The High Council of Moroccan American Medical & Biology Doctors (HC-MAMBD; met His Excellency Mohamed Ameur, Moroccan Minister Delegate in Charge of Moroccans Living Abroad at New York University Medical Center,

New Rotterdam Mayor is Moroccan By Ahmed Dmini
As I grabbed the first page of Saturday’s Los Angeles Times, I noticed an article which caught my eye. The world Mayor and Muslim stood out and a picture of an individual looked, comfortably, familiar.

And the Opus Award goes to... By Driss R. Temsamani
It gives me great pleasure to share with you this historical moment, the nomination and classification of Aïcha Ech Channa to finalist for the Opus Prize. The Opus Prize recognizes individuals whose work and story can inspire us to tackle the world’s most deeply rooted problems. Aïcha is Founder and president of Association Solidarité Féminine, providing services in Casablanca, Morocco,

Tarik Ramadan vs Zemmour & Naulleau on the issue of wearing the Veil By The Wafin Team
If you have been following the issue of wearing the veil unraveling all over the French media, this is a good discussion by Tarik Ramadan. The video is in French. Let us know what you think..

Police Provocation in Muslim Neighborhood in France By The Wafin Team.
This video captured by a North African journalist shows an over reaction by member of French Police in a predominantly Muslim neighborhood. We are not sure about the context of this, but watch the video and let us know what you think.

What do you look for in a long distance company to make phone calls to Morocco? By The Wafin Team
We have had many e-mails from our members asking us why we chose VIP communications as our partner to cal l Morocco. To give you a little history, for the last two years we have been looking for a decent long distance phone company for us and for our members. We tried quite a few and finally settled on VIP communications. Not only have they been wonderful to our members, but they have also lowered their minute cost for us and offered 100 minutes of free calls to Morocco (Go to to find out m about that exclusive deal.

Obama gives the green light for F-16 fighters to Morocco By The wafin Team.
A very sophisticated F 16 multi-role program, the first of its kind for Morocco, was just given the green light by president Obama. In 2008, Morocco had ordered 24 F 16 block fighters in a deal that cost $2.4 billion dollars. The recent request for support equipment and weaponry for the fighters amounted to $187 million.

Floods in Rabat By The Wafin Team.
consistent rain fall that started yesterday caused many of the streets of Rabat to flood. We received this picture from a Wafin member that shows the train station of Agdal clearly flooded. It is reported that so far the rain did not cause any human casualty but that it did result in significant material damage as well as cancellations in Train and Bus service.

Modern Ramadan  By Lamiaa Rougui
I was approached by an English Pakistani medical student in our Library and asked if I were to join her and some Muslim Fellows for Friday prayers. I quickly agreed and without any hesitation. Prayers are keeping the vibrations of my sanity alive this Ramadan, and are a source of relief for my daily over accumulating stress. Not to mention the self-purification we are blessed to experience during this holy month.

His Majesty is feeling better.  By The wafin Team
After resting for five days following a case of severe dehydration caused by a gigestive virus, his majesty Mohamed the 6th, king of Morocco, showed signs of regaining his health by driving his private car in the streets of Tetouan. Many youth were spotted following him in their motorcycles wishing him good health. The king is spending the first days of Ramadan in his Residence in Toutouane and Al Madiaq.

Moroccans and American Universities By Ahmed Dmini
For decades now, American schools, academies, institutes, educational centers and the likes, have been luring Moroccan and international youth to come stateside to receive the exceptional and world-class education, in an American environment, bla, bla, bla.

Torture of a child in Oujda By The Wafin Team.
We have dealt with the issue of Maid abuse in Morocco in the past. This one hit home. We received this video from one of our members. A child domestic worker was brutally tortured by its employers. We warn you. The video is a little disturbing, but it must be watched if we want to stop this. What can we do?

President Obama's Ramadan Message  By The Wafin Team
In this video president Obama addresses Muslims around the world and wishes them "Ramadan Karim." The president talks about the meaning of Ramadan and its significance for muslims. What a refreshing difference in attitude towards muslims? watch the video and let us know what you think.

ISMS OPERATION KIDS in Morocco By The Wafin Team
There are those that dream of doing things and those that do the things they dream of. Joan Blanco is living her dream after starting in 2007 a chapter of the International Surgical Mission Support organization called Operation Kids. It is a charity dedicated to helping to improve the lives of children with medical problems around the world. She told us that her professional paths whether it be in education as a college professor or in the medical field as a humanitarian has revolved around children.

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