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 Aug 27, 2016
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Zin Li Fik: Jamal laoudi on RS Lou Show
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Leo Bonniger(Germany) VS Mohammed Jarraya(Morocco)
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Do you agree with this young lady?

Things I wish someone told me before I came to the U.S.
By Ahmed Allali
Things I wish someone told me before I came to the U.S.
I wish someone told me not to get off the car when stopped by a cop as a sign of respect for them. I wish someone told me not to pick up random kids in the park and kiss them on the cheeks like we do on Morocco without being considered psychos. Click to read more..
The Moor\'s Account
By Laila Alami
The Moor\'s Account
In this stunning work of historical fiction, Laila Lalami brings us the imagined memoirs of the first black explorer of America—a Moroccan slave whose testimony was left out of the official record. Click to read more..
quote This is not a simple introduction or thank you note to for the outstanding mission this website is accomplishing in favor of the Moroccan American community. It's rather a note of appreciation for its will of informing, educating, and establishing a direct dialogue of understanding between the two cultures. Mr. Abderrahim Beyyoudh, Consulate Generale of Morocco. quote Mr. Abderrahim Beyyoudh, Consulate Generale of Morocco.
Member Announcements
free-classifieds (1K) with pics
Help Wanted Morocco place to stay in California 
Other Charlotte Female rommate needed Charlotte,NC 
Help Wanted Maroc عاجل جدا . رجاءا المساعدة 
Personals Morocco Au pair 
Other Malden And Arou small studio azap 
Help Wanted Casablanca طلب تبرع لاكمال بناء مركز تربوي للايتام Announcement has a photo
Personals Washington DC Looking for my other half 
Personals DC Area Seeking Wife 
Personals Usa zawaj - need wife 
Real Estate San Diego San Diego roommate! 
Real Estate Boston Area Looking for a room in the Boston area 
Personals USA roommate needed with job offer  
Real Estate Newyork room wanted in newyork 
Personals Boston Mass looking to rent room or share boston mas 
Help Wanted New Jersey looking for a room 
Personals USA Zawaj 
Personals Usa Marriage 
Real Estate Brooklyn Rent  
Personals Dallas marriage zawaj  
Personals Seattle Friendship 
Personals USA Kafala in Morocco 
Help Wanted NJ looking 4 temporary part-time job in NJ 
Personals Morroco Looking for a Muslim men 
Real Estate NJ/NY looking for short term rent in NJ or NY 
Personals CT - USA Looking for partner 
Help Wanted Boston, MA Job Offer: Live-In Housekeeper Wanted 
Personals Morroco Looking for a Muslim men 
Personals Houston, Tx looking for roommate to share 1 bedroom 
Real Estate New York Seeking a room ( female only ) 
Personals New York Zawaj 
Other Maryland looking for job  
Other San Diego Calif need help for rent 
Personals Houston,TX seeking bnt l7lal li zawaj 
Personals Baltimore Looking for a wife 
Help Wanted Atlanta, GA In search of a Negafa in the USA  
Help Wanted Ny/nj Nanny Position 
Other California I'm fouzia ,I have 49 years Announcement has a photo
Help Wanted Sidi Slimane Any One Serious  
Other Revere revere: help  
Personals Massachaussets zawaj/marriage 
Personals Rabat(maroc) Looking for a Muslim men 
Merchandise Portland, OR Moroccan Salon for Sale, Portland, OR 
Personals Ma Moving to Massachusetts 
Real Estate Framingham, MA looking for a room in Framingham, MA 
Help Wanted Algeria Looking someone for help لوجه الله  Announcement has a photo
Personals Tampa Bay Area looking for a roomate Announcement has a photo
Personals San Francisco Seeking Someone in San Francisco 
Personals Florida looking for bent annass Announcement has a photo
Personals Corinth female roomate 
Other Berrechid طلب تمويل لمشروع استراد جميع انواع علف ا Announcement has a photo
Personals New Jersey Marriage  
Help Wanted NY I-130: Evidence of bona fide marriage??? 
Help Wanted Usa salam 
Help Wanted NY need urgent help wh i-130 form filing 
Personals NYC need info about driving a cab in NYC 
Real Estate Malden Boston roomate wanted (female) 
Help Wanted Usa salam 
Help Wanted Germantown Baby sitting 
Personals Orlando Fl looking to rent a room in central fl 
Real Estate Casablanca Hotel 4 étoiles à vendre  
Other LONG BEACH CAFTAN DU MAROC LOS ANGELES Announcement has a photo
Personals Boston marriage  
Personals Boston marriage  
Personals New York looking for a soulmate Announcement has a photo
Personals Plano marriage zawaj  
Merchandise Welcome Tableau  Announcement has a photo
Personals USA Looking for normal muslim man 
Personals Dallas Dallasللمقبلين للهجرة الى امريكا خاصة  
Personals Oklahoma City Oh! you Special Lady out there 
Other Usa marriage 
Other Los Angeles CA Looking for Moroccans in Los Angeles 
Automotive Newark Car shipping to Morocco 
Other Revere Ma , revere area help with information  
Personals New York City Looking for Moroccans to hang out  Announcement has a photo
Help Wanted New York Looking for studio or apt to share 
Personals Lexington Moroccan future wife who lives in us  
Personals Usa looking for wife 
Personals Orlando Looking for Rental home/ apt in orlando  
Personals USA USA 
Personals New Jersey looking to rent room in NEW JERSEY 
Personals ATLANTA, GA looking to rent a room in ATLANTA, GA 
Personals NJ NJ Looking for Rent 
Other zawaj in chae llah 
Personals Brooklyn 11204 looking for a moroccan roommate 
Personals Nj looking for a room or share (female)  
Personals Brooklyn Rent 
Personals 21211 looking for girlfriend  
Real Estate Casablanca Furnished floor villa 
Help Wanted Morocco Husband who lives in USA 
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Hicham Kabbaj
Hicham Kabbaj
Hicham is the president of the association of Moroccan Professionals in America, he joined the association in 2005 as Events Vice President and was elected in May 2008 as its second president. Hicham is a Senior Project Controls at one of the world's premier engineering, construction and project management companies. He joined Bechtel after graduating from Purdue University with a BS in Management and Minor in Finance and MIS. Hicham has a vast experience in construction management and energy projects, he was a key member in some of the company signature projects. He was awarded the certificate of achievement multiple times during his 9 years with Bechtel. Hicham obtained his MBA from Istituto de Empresa, and founded, first portal of professional events in Morocco. He enjoys playing Tennis and he is originally from Rabat. Click to read more..
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If you are going to eat me, you better be a lion.

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